Gems Modern Academy

Note from Vice President - Education

Nargish Khambatta

Vice President-Education


Ask any parent, what is the most important thing in this world, and you will undoubtedly get the response, ‘our children!’

As educators, we know that the stronger the filial relationships and partnerships with parents, the deeper and more valuable the bonds, and it is the children who will ultimately benefit! A community that honors relationships and invests in building them, allows us all to grow.

Research shows that for deep learning to happen, 4 foundational conditions need to be fulfilled before a child can grow and flourish – Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement, and Expression. It is our responsibility to ensure that the children who walk into school every morning have experiences that make them feel confident, cared for, and valued. When children attend high-quality programs where they experience warm, supportive relationships they are happier, less anxious, and more motivated to learn than children who do not.

Even to a casual visitor it is apparent that the learning environment at GEMS Modern Academy, Gurgaon ensures all the foundational conditions are met and every time I visit, I cannot help but marvel at the wonderful, caring and stimulating milieu that is created by the Leadership Team and the teachers. The accolades and awards that pour in are testimony to the excellence that is synonymous with the thriving school community. May the school continue to grow from strength to strength.

Best wishes,

Nargish Khambatta

Vice President – GEMS Education


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