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The Primary Years Program

Future belongs to the curious

Our philosophy is to create a happy and conducive learning environment, a genuine ‘free space’ for the learning and holistic development of our children. At GEMS Modern Academy we believe that, to stimulate the interest of children in any subject, it is important to foster curiosity about that subject. We encourage students through hands-on learning experience on concepts, thus ensuring ample opportunities to explore, build, destroy, rebuild, ask questions and answer some themselves by doing it again. Within the spontaneity of children and their way of perceiving the world lies the true meaning of education. After all, don’t children acquire language (mother tongue) and the skill to walk and run even before we begin any kind of formal education. The human child is born with the insatiable urge to learn, to unlearn and relearn. The child doesn’t care about each fall and stands up courageous unperturbed again and yet again over and over. Thus, learning has to be student-led and facilitated to ensure the right direction and safe space to explore.

Teamwork and collaboration are very key skills as Creative and Social Intelligences become seminal to human existence amidst the changing paradigms of the technological revolution around us. After all, we are all aware of so much research that highlights the fact that more than 65% jobs in 2030 will be those that are unheard of today. Thus, our learning practices encourage teamwork, independent thinking, problem solving, responsibility of actions and decision-making.

Our teachers are more like facilitators for them, who train the children to reach desired levels of understanding by using their various faculties and intelligence. Our students develop knowledge and understanding which can be applied to real world situations within and across subject areas and contexts.

Our curriculum focuses on “STEM Education ”. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. We have now moved from STEM to STREAM integrating Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. With this approach the students can experiment with new ideas across subject boundaries and focus on originality, creativity and innovation.

We allow our children to develop holistically to become problem solvers and citizens of the world, recognizing and celebrating their uniqueness, yet understanding their role within our community as special focus is laid on value-based learning and development of social, emotional and creative intelligences. It is inculcated through ‘School Cinema’, project-based exploration of life skills and a strong engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Education must prepare us for life, not just the workforce. Some of the key life-skills we try to develop include:


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