Gems Modern Academy

Safety and Security at GMA


School safety and Security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in education environments. One term connected to school security is school safety, which is defined as the sheltering of students from violence and bullying, as well as exposure to harmful elements such as drugs.
At GMA, our Safety protocols include aspects like :

  • Personal, social and emotional security
  • Emergency evacuations and protocols
  • Health Care
  • Hygiene
  • Cyber Safety
  • Digital Citizenship Education

Keeping our Families Safe

At GEMS Education, the health, safety and welfare of our students, staff and parents are of paramount importance. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures and protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of all the children in our care across all our schools. We also work closely with the authorities and approved cleaning partners on an ongoing basis, so you can rest assured that our operational practices ensure a school environment that is safe and secure for your child.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and school communities is unquestionably our number one priority. GEMS Education has over 60 successful years’ experience of delivering the highest standards in health and safety across our schools, this is reflected in our ‘outstanding’ and ‘very good’ ratings by education authorities in our annual health and safety inspections. Unlike other school operators, GEMS has a dedicated team of senior health and safety experts, who work closely with schools to put in place all appropriate steps and precautions to ensure the health safety of students and staff. At the same time, the team monitors and researches the latest technologies and best practices from around the world to make sure our health and safety measures are up to date and in line with global best practices. We will continue to monitor and amend when necessary, our response towards COVID-19. Ensuring the highest health and hygiene practices are in place, to support our student and staff welfare.

At GMA, Gurgaon, we are ensuring AI-based monitoring of all safety,
cleanliness and hygiene protocols.


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